Originally formed by Simon Cassidy in May 1999 Sundance™,  pay Tribute to the Musical Legacy of Jimi Hendrix.


You will not see any gimmicks at their shows - just well seasoned musicians playing pure, wild, authentic psychedelic sounds, delivering the classics you all know and love and then embelleshing them across new sonic frontiers - making every Sundance performance unique.


Take a pinch of pulsating Groove, wrap it up in a generous dollop of Feel, add a healthy splash Cosmic Guitar and you have Sundance ~ capturing the raw energy of Jimi’s live shows and bringing together one of the most authentic Hendrix guitar sounds you will hear live today from Simon Cassidy, soaring above one of the grooviest rhythm sections you are likely to come across.


There was, and will only ever be, one Jimi Hendrix - so, as you will see, Sundance don't even try and to look like him. In any case there are other "Tribute" acts out there who do a far better job at looking like Jimi Hendrix.


Sundance recreate the sound and energy of Jimi's live performances, aiming to take his music, play it with total authenticity and then push it the limits of imagination and ability. Effortlessly slipping in and out of hypnotic extended improvisations,  Sundance will transport you directly back to the Psychedelic 60’s. You might not see "Jimi" at a Sundance performance, but you will certainly hear his music and feel his spirit.


Sundance are based in the North East of England and play throughout the UK and into Europe, and look forward to sharing their interpretation of this wonderful music with you.






Cassidy Play Hendrix at The North West Guitar Show

May 18, 2015 Written by 

Sundance have been known to occasionally go out as "Cassidy Play Hendrix" at guitar shows to promote Simon Cassidy's Guitar Company.

The start of what was indeed an epic weekend kicked off last Thursday at 6am for young Joe Hoskin when he set off on his trek from Bodmin Cornwall to join us for our gig at The Quakerhouse Darlington which turned out to be something just a bit special - complete with comic moments which are left in the video to give a flavour of how much fun the night was.

As well as being big John Ryan's birthday, it was only the 2nd time we had played together as a band without any rehearsals to speak of and as you will see Joe did a superb job forming the perfect rhythm section with Martyn Bennett for this style of music. With Joe locking down the groove Martyn is able to fully display his virtuoso drum technique allowing us to create (we think) a very close interpretation of the original "Experience" sound and vibe.

The fourth member of the band was Chris for CDB Production Services who has worked with me on a number of projects over many years and supplied us with an amazing live sound which isn't really done justice by this video - check out his fb page if you are ever looking for a top sound engineer...

If you were there I hope this video brings back some of the energy that was in The Quakerhouse last Thursday. For those of you who missed it, prepare yourself a long drink and sit back and enjoy!

Special thanks go to Micheline from The Trophy Centre for sending me the videos. Micheline is also our expert engraver who we call when we are working on a custom guitar build. Superb service always with a big smile...

Finally, back to Joe. After the Quakerhouse gig we managed to get a rehearsal in on Friday before Joe ran a Bass Workshop in my Teaching Studio on Saturday. He then helped with packing and loading the van up ready for another very early start for the long drive down to the Northern Guitar Shows North West Guitar Show on Sunday. On arrival we quickly set up our exhibition stand then prepared for our performance on the Live Stage at Noon...

Then when all that was done Joe had to drive back to Cornwall ready for another 6am start back at work on Monday morning.

A fine young man and great bass player Joe impressed a lot of people and made a lot of new friends during his epic weekend - until the next time Joe - a massive THANKS! It was a great privilege and pleasure to take to the stage with you! 

Say Hi to Joe...

Having said all that a final big thankyou has to go to Martyn Bennett who has worked hard alongside me for a long time to get our sound right. With his flair and explosive cocktail of drum chops which bounce off my guitar solos and Joe's solid groove we certainly seem to get things cooking! Martyn was also pretty handy at packing up 30+ guitars at the close of the NW show - Thanks again Martyn - I'll buy you a pint or two at the Quaker on Wednesday!

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