Originally formed by Simon Cassidy in May 1999 Sundance™,  pay Tribute to the Musical Legacy of Jimi Hendrix.


You will not see any gimmicks at their shows - just well seasoned musicians playing pure, wild, authentic psychedelic sounds, delivering the classics you all know and love and then embelleshing them across new sonic frontiers - making every Sundance performance unique.


Take a pinch of pulsating Groove, wrap it up in a generous dollop of Feel, add a healthy splash Cosmic Guitar and you have Sundance ~ capturing the raw energy of Jimi’s live shows and bringing together one of the most authentic Hendrix guitar sounds you will hear live today from Simon Cassidy, soaring above one of the grooviest rhythm sections you are likely to come across.


There was, and will only ever be, one Jimi Hendrix - so, as you will see, Sundance don't even try and to look like him. In any case there are other "Tribute" acts out there who do a far better job at looking like Jimi Hendrix.


Sundance recreate the sound and energy of Jimi's live performances, aiming to take his music, play it with total authenticity and then push it the limits of imagination and ability. Effortlessly slipping in and out of hypnotic extended improvisations,  Sundance will transport you directly back to the Psychedelic 60’s. You might not see "Jimi" at a Sundance performance, but you will certainly hear his music and feel his spirit.


Sundance are based in the North East of England and play throughout the UK and into Europe, and look forward to sharing their interpretation of this wonderful music with you.






45th Anniversary Tribute

Sep 14, 2015 Written by 

A great genius left this World on 18th September 1970 leaving behind him a musical legacy that changed the course of popular music and which influenced all guitarists that have followed him.

In our own way we'll mark the 45th Anniversary of the passing of Jimi Hendrix with our Tribute to his musical legacy just across the road from where he played in Darlington in 1967.

We hope you can join us - so...Hey Joe, I Hear My Train a Comin' and it's time to be an Angel and shake off that Manic Depression, head on over the Crosstown Traffic past Villanova Junction, turn left at the 3rd Stone from the Sun and become a Voodoo Chile for the night. Hey Baby, there's no need to stay at home by the Fire, come on down Like a Rolling Stone to the Red House to see the Foxy Lady's dance to Spanish Castle Magic ~ just don't get caught in the Purple Haze.

It's Stone Free to hear Sundance play their 45th Anniversary Tribute to the Musical Legacy of Jimi Hendrix at Avalon, Darlington on Saturday 19th September 2015 at 8pm to 9.30pm.

Simon Cassidy : Guitars / Lead Vocals,
Martyn Bennett : Drums / Backing Vocals,
Terry Sharp : Bass / Backing Vocals,
CDB Production Solutions : Sound and Lighting

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